15 Rules in a Relationship and Marriage to Make the Magic Last

Say NO

  •  At some point of time you just have to say no.


  • You need to respect each other.

Keep the home clean

  • Make sure to always keep your home neat and clean.


  • Be the leader of your family. Make sure that you are always assertive when it comes to decision making.

Avoid Inconsistent partners

  • You should always choose to stay with the same partner through thick and thin.

Learn to Trust

 This is the most important factor that lays the foundation of every relationship.  Once trust is established everything else becomes insignificant.

Laugh together

  • This also plays a vital role in holding a relationship together. When you are able to make a partner laugh together all the difficulties in life are solved.

Give each other space

 Being partners means giving each other space to pursue a different activity. A large gap in social activities is perfectly acceptable as long as it does not demean the relationship look here – Elite Singles vs Bumble.

Meet each other in the Day

 You should arrange to meet each other in the day. Having a weekend bond helps instead of waiting for weekend when you have already drained your energy. You can always compensate each other when it comes to weekend plans.

Avoid internet romance

 There are many sites that are strictly for online purposes. In addition, even online relationships can turn ugly. It is always recommended that you meet each other in person. It helps in avoiding confusion when the partner is not physically present.

According to your profiles

  • As much as possible avoid persons who give out options that are not feasible. In other words, you would want to meet someone who is in similar situation or has same social status.


Never argue on using any form of contraception-

  •  No matter how impossible it might seem, you should not misinterpret the situation as everyone else to whom you have come in contact with and exchanged some flirting messages.

Never give your home number

  •  This is very basic, especially to mobile dating services. You should not give your address or any of your personal information with your partner.

Spend sometime alone

  •  An individual should give sometime alone just to understand a person and understand his/her feeling better.

Finally, these are very simple when considered from the point of view of maintaining an ethical and decent relationship. These are very simple rules but, when followed, will lead you to achieving the relationship that you dream of. It will only be when you have chosen your partner well through thorough, frequent and constructive communication, that you will definitely create the success that you expect to have.