Preserving Values Throughurned Family Relationships

Relationships in which a family member becomes deeply involved continue for years, an important factor is how well-loved and valued are the family members involved. When the relationship turns sour, each of them may feel a lot of pain, and they may seek to either get back together with the ex or try to move on to a new relationship. Society often tells us that it is not right to have these issues because it can affect the stability of the relationship. However, if we cannot stop such relationships, how can we ever fully let go?


In every relationship, we must consider the feelings of the other person

Being respectful of the other person’s feelings is the first step to preserve the relationship. Respect cannot be Teutonic if the other person is not reciprocating. The same holds true for the idea that everyone is equal, which is a key component in order to foster harmony in a family. Statistics indicate that many separations occur when two very close family membersboat each other. But, if they do not listen to their own feelings, how can they truly love one another?

preserving the family unit involves a delicate dance. The delicate dance requires that people not undermine each other’s sense of being valued. Respect, attention, and love may not be things that the whole estate is sharing, only certain elements that it is sharing. If the respect is not being given, the feeling of love will not be forthcoming, which will eventually create a breakup.

When that happens, there are some things to keep in mind to help ensure that love continues to be shared.

  1. Make time for the family. urgency is a sign of love. If you are always responding to the phone, there is some problem with the relationship. Time apart is a factor to get back on the right track. Separation may not have occurred due to issues at home, but due to some event at work, a situation that has a very important impact on the other person, the people in the family, and ultimately you as a person.
  2. You must listen to the other person. Listening is an art, and a science. Listening is a dialogue, not a monologue. So, if you are meeting someone you don’t know about and they begin to discuss their last relationship, it is important to slow down and listen to what they are saying. If your mind begins to wander, raise your awareness and actively listen. If you are meeting someone who you have already known for years, familiarity can breed resentment. You may not feel the same feelings, and that is perfectly fine, but you must listen anyway.
  3. Do not be afraid to let the other person know that you are open to a relationship. This is safety with a relationship. brim with caution and understanding. If your potential partner is on the other side ofidelity issues, it is a virtual no-go. Another issue that can be present is the current status of the relationship. For example, a recent divorce means that the partners are both single, but the non- divorcing partner has a child from a previous relationship and is considering entering into a new relationship. These scenarios rarely lead to a successful relationship.