Make a Guy Notice Me

What Can I Do to Make a Guy Notice Me?

He Will Give You Attention After You Do This

There are millions of women all over the world who are desperate to get the attention of the man they love. How would you like to get the attention of the guy you like? The romantic way is to start by getting his attention. Take a look at these tips and techniques which will help you to get a guy to notice you.Wear something stunning.It goes without saying that you have to wear clothes that show off a little of your body. What you should do is wear clothes that are revealing and just a tad sexy. So, one blouse that shows off a generous amount of your chest, another one that shows off great legs and so on. It goes without saying that you should wear clothes that make him automatically turn his head!

Become a member of his friend circle.The moment you get introduced to him, start spending all your time with him. Become a part of his friend circle. Take part in his favorite activities and activities that he enjoys and which you too do. This means that you get to spend a lot of time with him and he will begin to notice you too.Make him a little jealous.It is easy to make him a little jealous by getting a little your way too. Make him a little jealous by hanging out in a group and hanging around too much. Let his friends vie for your attention and he will begin to resent it when you do that. Try it. Nothing can make him notice you more than a little bit of competition.

Look better each time he sees you

If you have become a bore and are always present like a lost puppy, he is going to begin to give you a bad name. So don’t go out there with bad attitudes and attitudes. Be vivacious, exciting and desirable. Look better each time he sees you. He will begin to notice you more.Become a cut above Everyone knows that the chicks have to look super! If you are trying to get a guy’s attention, then you have to become a cut above – a lemon! A man loves a woman who is on the look out for herself! So let him see you as you want to be seen! Only then will he find you attractive and he will desire you.

Speak your mind

Men hate women who are too shy and insecure. It is no use saying “I prefer you Mr. Something or other” if you have no self confidence and self respect. If you want him to notice you – then grow some self confidence and speak your mind! Be daring enough to tell him what you expect out of him. Once a guy learns that he won’t be able to do anything to earn your respect it is easier to respect and admire you.Don’t be intimidated by other women.Do you know that no matter what gorgeous a man is, a woman’s heart belongs to another! If you are not honest with yourself, then you are covered! No wonder why many men are attracted to pretty women. Understand that you are not the prettiest woman either and that he might be looking at you because of who you are inside! Don’t feel intimidated by other women and men – they are just looking for certain kinds of qualities that you have.

Don’t put up with crap.Sisters, why do you put up with his crap? SOME women do! It is difficult to say “no” to guys who try to pressure you into doing something you are not quite ready to do. He, on the other hand, will never pressure you. He expects you to respect and admire him. Therefore, be yourself and be bold to say “no” – you don’t have to be nasty about it.The don’t sulk and throw tantrums scares him off.Sometimes you need to send him a message that it is all right for him to be so immature and childish. Once he gets a message across to you that you are not going to allow him to push his cheap buttons, he will think twice about teasing you at other times in the future! Think of it as a personal investment and back off because it is never reciprocated!