Fallen In Love

10 Signs That You Have Fallen In Love With Your Friend

Romantic fantasies are running around your head. You are no longer sleeping, but are instead dreaming that you have fallen in love with your friend. There is excitement, happiness, excitement! Everything is bright and beautiful. It is evident that things are going according to plan.It doesn’t matter if it is a serious relationship or just friendship, the point is that you are now in love with your friend.For a fact, the only difference between lovers and friends is that lovers see everything on a black and white perspective while friends are always in between, trying to see the shades of grey.Following are some hints that will show you that either you are, or are not, in love with your friend.

1. You are always in his or her presence

You are not really afraid to leave when he/she needs you, whether for a bathroom break or for some hot chocolate. Well, your friend probably loves you very much and doesn’t want you to do that.

2. He/she will get into jealous fits

They will pick on you whenever you speak with another friend. They will start screaming and make ridiculous gestures. When you are talking about another girl, you will notice that your friend gets very uncomfortable and tries to increase the decibel levels.

3. They usually agree with you

When you challenge them, they will respond in kind and agree with your opinion. They are usually agreeable. If you ask them to do something and they are not in agreement, you will have a heart to heart talk.

4. They want to help

They will always be by your side to help you with any project you might ask them about. They will offer their help and opinion to help you see the light. This is very admirable and good.

5. He/she loves to see you happy

They will always say “it’s so fortunate to have YOU”. It is their main intention to see that you are happy in your current relationship and are thankful that you have a friend to be with.

6. They want to help you in a project.

They want to be of service to you. Whether it is painting your room or tying your shoes, they want to be part of your project. It is very touching when a friend wants to be a part of yourthing.

7. They will miss you if you are not around.

They will always think about you or will miss your company. It is very touching.

8. You feel that you can cry your heart out

It is very surprising how you can cry your heart out when you have a good friend. They will be supportive, no matter how bad you feel in your heart.

9. Your friends always look up to you

Your friends declare; You are the best person to be changed when they see you. Your friends affirm many things about you. They love you and your decisions.

10. You accept their support

You want their support even if it is not going to be popular at first. It will be a test to prove your sincerity. If you do not care, it will not be so hard for them to find another good friend in this crowd.You have the chance to have the best relationships in life. Test if your friend is a good person. Do not be carried away by the looks. Dig deeper and find out if it will be worth it. ONLY YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SCREW YOURSELF.Now, look for the signs mentioned above and be ready to act on them. They will be your landmarks in life in more ways than one. Take advantage of the prospect. I wish you success.