Man to Want You More

How to Get Your Man to Want You More? 7 Things Which Will Make Him See You As a Woman He Can Only Be With

How to Get Your Man to Want You More? There are times when you are going through a dry patch in your relationship and you feel that you are the one who is overboard! It is important to realize that your man needs to be satisfied in bed as much as you do. He needs to be physically and mentally stimulated at times and if you make him intensely happy at all times, he is going to get bored and look elsewhere for excitement. Here are some ways of keeping him satisfied.

Give him what he wantsIt pays to treat your man like a dog! He cannot understand it because he does not even get a vote in the matter! All he gets is what he wants when he wants it. Take heed of his desires and do exactly as he tells you. He will love you for it

Man to Want You More

Do the deed with him

If you have been so good at doing all the chores in your home without him noticing it, you had better start paying attention to your behavior. Not only will he get enough of your love and attention if you do this but he will also start being a little selfish and want you only for sex. This type of behavior will make him want you more.

Show him you love him completely

Confitement and intrigue have always been the greatest players with men. If you butter up your man with flowers every time he turns up for a date or if you flirt with him and hug him when he only does a simple hug! Not only will he get enough of your attention but you will have him under your spell. As long as you satisfy him completely – he will never want anybody else.

Do the whole sexual thing

Nothing will work better than having the whole house stirring and containing a sexy energy that sends him all over you in a panic, wanting to do more!. If you promise to give in to hisEvery desire and passion and don’t rebel too much – he will want you asLittlespot on his arm for ever!

A notch higher Don’t stop trying to be all that you can be. If you as a person concentrate on raising the level of your accomplishments and strive to become better than ever before – he will automatically want you. Nothing will be too much to achieve! Achieve something for yourself and beEverything you ever dreamed of – he will see it! He will be tempted to hold you in his arms.

Confess the fact that you want him moreIt’s easy to feel jealousy when your man flirts and is being chased by another woman. Tempt him and covertly give him reason to be afraid of losing you by admitting the fact that you long for him more than ever!

Laugh in his faceIf you go around laughing at his jokes or do the same old belly-rolling dance that he has loved to do, he will know that he has no power over you. You are an attractive woman who he does not know. The only way to make him realize that you are sincere and can go out with him too, is to let him realize that you are loving and have not lost your touch even after all these years!

Tease him by resistingIf you have been too cold and unapproachable he will be filled with fear and make him realize that you don’t care for him any more. prompts him to fall in love with you. It is the little ways you do like a naughty little girl that will make your man do one or two things – he will either profess his love for you or dump you.

Man to Want You More