The Approach and the Pickup

In reality, the ‘approach’ is the hardest part of pickup, there is no doubt about that. Just trying to maneuver yourself around your system to tolerate the pulling, pushing and Shallowness all play tremendously large parts of the sociology-sexual ‘game‘ in which we are essentially playing.

It is just an unfortunate fact that ‘approach’ is the most oft-ignored and unknown part of ‘game’. Even in the PUA community this is one of the parts of the game that is least openly Available. It’s just amazing to see how people try to avoid talking about this topic. Maybe it’s because it involves lots of sexual innuendo that most people don’t want bodily recommendation, but let’s try to ignore that factor for a minute.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand

This is a part of the game pertinent to our goals of becoming Thai girlfriends. Journal use of the term ‘approach’ is altogether too prevalent and glosses over a rather important and fundamental truth about pickup.Approach is not to pick up, it goes much deeper than that. A very large fraction of pickup artists do in fact work with attractive women, but in their own subculture, many would consider it ‘sneaky’ or ‘unwholesome’ to actively approach.

Our subculture is under the guise of the open approach. It’s well and true that in many parts of the world, being open is the way to go, but just because a lady will accept your open approach often doesn’t mean she’s willing to go out on a date with you, or even respond subtly to your open approach.The open approach is basically ‘return to sender’, i.e. ‘Chat up this person and have some fun while you’re at it’. In which case, you’re engaging someone in a very obvious and forward display of interest. That’s all it is, nothing more, nothing less.There is nothing wrong with that. If you’re chatting someone up and they ask you to come over to their house, who is it that you are inviting into your house? It only seems natural, and to be truthful, a bit sneaky too.

If you want to meet Thai women you need to understand the cultural perspective on this

You can’t just walk up to any attractive woman in Thailand and expect some miracle while in the relationship. Thai women expect to be asked, or to at least be shown some respect, so while you are out approaching Thai girls in the day, always keep this in the back of your mind.

Approaching Thai women in a cultural context will also, on a much smaller scale, lead to the same outcome. Remember that when you arrange a date with a Thai girl, you should try and portray Thailand culture.You don’t want to do this by being snooty and implying that she doesn’t understand Thai culture because you think she doesn’t either. You are both trading Places very subtly, but it needs to be clearly understood in order for the two of you to meet and live happily ever after?

The ‘institute’ approach also has its place, but it is not the only way to create an Asian girlfriend. Just do your homework, show some respect, and learn a little bit about Thai culture so that the intercultural relationship can be carry all by itself.If you ensure that you take the cultural and social cues with you on your initial Thailand ‘junkie’ tour, you have nothing to fear. A lot Thailand women are looking for your Divorced. Trust me, they want to meet you.

Good luck and happy surfing!