Dealing With Rejection – How to Get Back Into the Game

If you have experienced a break-up with your girlfriend and are dealing with rejection, then this page is a good place to look for advice on how to get back into the dating game. Dealing with rejection can cause one to completely stop taking actions, which is what we are trying to achieve here.

Getting over the break-up is not simple. There will be times when it seems that the break-up was a blessing, as you’ll be able to get over the pain and you’ll begin to move on. However, you will need to get back into the dating game soon if you are going to find another girlfriend.

Basically, you will need to

1.Find a new girlfriend that you are in love with

2.Keep your mind off of your ex-girlfriend

3.Become a social person -Me, myself and I are the only company I have

4.Get out of the house

5.Have fun

6.Have new friends

7.Treat it like it is just a friends-with-benefits situation

8.Do not approach other girls if you want her back

9.Make her feel good

10.Stop calling her, and if you’ve already called her, just tell her that you need to talk about something

11.Write a list of the qualities that you think will be great about her

Sounds pretty simple? If you say so, then you are right

That’s the problem. The very first thing that you need to do is to find a new girlfriend. I don’t mean a one-night stand; you need something more subtle rather than that. So you need to find someone with a similar personality, who actually cares about other people.

Anyway, once you’ve found your new girlfriend (it could be a friend of a friend), then you need to subtly remind her of the better qualities about her, but only so- descendants of those qualities. For example, if your ex used to be a very caring person, maybe you need to make her feel that in the conversation, but not all the time. Don’t make her realize that or she may find too it, and just get rid of you, as there is probably someone better.

Trying to imagine how your ex-girlfriend will react towards you probably reflects the emotions that she has managed to bottle up. Now, you will try to win her attention back from the dumped ex. Very easy, you just need to turn yourself into the best person that she broke off with, and so she will want that person back.

1. Treat her new girlfriend nicely, but don’t try too hard to impress her

Honestly, it is a lose-lose situation; you waste too much time trying to impress her and lose in the end. You’re already supposed to be with her so there’s no point in looking for another woman. But you must use your charm and be as normal as possible.

2. Make it clear that there is more than physical appearance in you that makes her hot

Never ever compare her with your ex or other women, and never let her compare you with the other men either. Treat her as a special person and be more affectionate. But be aware of the fact that your ex-girlfriend will never be interested in seeing you as more than a friend unless there are serious feelings inside of her. It is very important that you discreetly convey your feelings to her. There are many techniques that you can learn for this, one of the best techniques is to use covert female psychology tactics. This type of tactic requires that you make a girl fall for you in less than 15 minutes. Very powerful tactic, yet very controversial at the same time.