Signs of Romantic Attraction

Signs of Romantic Attraction

Signs of romantic attraction are among the biggest questions of every man who wants to be successful with women. Simply put, if you’re not receiving positive signs of romantic attraction from a woman, then you should probably move on – she’s not attracted to you.

What are these signs of romantic attraction?

Well, let me tell you briefly.First of all, if a woman feels strongly attracted to you, she’s going to consciously or subconsciously exhibit several common signs of romance. Those signs will include holding eye contact and engaging you in conversation. She will also have the tendency to position herself in your direction, or else move in closer to you when seated. Also, she is going to play with her hair by touching her hair, stroking it or twirling it around her finger. A woman who is attracted to you will also lick her lips, and if she does, you can expect that she’s thinking of ways to get to kiss you.

If you’re expecting to receive these signs of romantic attraction, good.To be safe, however, I would recommend holding off on the first few dates, and seeing how she makes you out to be in the future.If you receive positive signs of romantic attraction, and then she eventually introduces you to someone special, then you’re in a great position and should be able to easily move your relationship physical.Understanding that signs of romantic attraction come and go, how do you know if a woman is really attracted to you?

It is actually quite simple

When you are on a date, observe her body language. Is she looking directly at you the entire time? Is she slightly turned away or slightly hunched? If she is not facing you, then she’s not interested. If she is turned toward you, or do her normal gestures such as moving a bit closer, then you’re definitely doing something right. The more attracted she is to you, the closer she will be to you physically. She will also make lots of eye contact, and flirt with you throughout the night.

Knowing exactly when to ask her for a kiss will depend on several factors, most importantly how well you fit together as a couple. Is she into you and you are also into her? Or is she into you, but you are just not into her? You can only know by observing her actions.You should also know that asking a woman for a kiss is never wrong in the first place, as long as all signs of romance are present. Just remember not to ask her for the kiss immediately after the first good night of conversation, or she will run for the door, giving you your big chance!

Does she want to hang out with you? If you are always the one who wants to do the planning, then it is best to end the night the same way you started it, but if she is the one who is always initiating going to hang out, you might just want to end the night before she asks you to go to bed.Is she rushing you along? If a woman is interested in you, she will be always excited every time you get together, and will want to spend time with you as much as she possibly can. If you are the one who is always calling to arrange time together, or worse yet, you are always the one withholding, it may be time to cut your losses.

Always keep in mind that women give body to soul to men they are attracted to. So if you are not getting the signs that she is interested, it is probably time to cut your losses.