Date a Cougar

Cougar Singles Travel – Who Wouldn’t Want to Date a Cougar?

If you want to discover why the hot, sexy and entertaining women are known as ‘cougars’ and ‘cougars’ everywhere from Hollywood to New York and even haul across the country on a regular basis for a weekend getaway, then this article is for you. Before we explore the curious psychology of cougars and why they’re known to be bulletproof, we will dismiss a few myths that hold a single woman back from finding the companionship, love and happiness that she’s looking for.

One thing that you have to realize from the get go is that cougars are not just ‘women over 40’. A more accurate term is senior women over 40. Many of these women STARTED dating at an early age, often in their teens, most often with their parents still around. As a middle schooler, they learned a bit of everything, including the fact that it IS NOT WHAT YOU SAY, its how you say it that matters to women, and most importantly as a woman over 40 – you have just gained more experience than any other woman in your life.

So why do men still fail to catch on, and instead seek out younger women to date and marry? Assuming that age is still vital to a woman’s taste in a man, it’s a bit too logical.Mind you, that does not mean that men should take this shallow attitude, the only reason it seems faulty is because of the negative Way that men have conditioned themselves, through social conditioning, to perceive themselves. But there is more to the issue. Women can be superficial and self-centered as much as they want to and often do, and they will judge you by the company that you keep, so keep in mind that there are four essential ingredients that you should master to become a cougar magnet:

1. Confidence

Older ladies especially get attracted to a man who knows exactly who he is and moves in confidence and thereabout important cougar pickup ingredients. If this comes as a surprise to you, then you’re probably dealing with a woman who needs to just let go and give in to her confidence. Allow yourself to see past what you perceive about yourself and enter the moving on part of the dating/relationship process.

2. Dress the part

My philosophy is that the faster you learn how to dress, the faster you learn how to attract a cougar. It’s no tall order, but you can quickly shed 30-hr relationship drought by making an effort to dress a few ticks above average. Cougars are usually attracted to a feminine, youthful impression of someone who is in touch with his femininity yet adventurous enough to find a bit of everything, and anything that moves the equation of survival forward.

3. Dede at the dance floor

Men might be intimidated to even try dancing. Let’s face it, women control the music, the drinks, and where the whole night takes place! If you’re one of those guys that prefers to kick back on the dance floor, hold your horses, and don’t wear steer tires. If you want to approach, perhaps wearing jewelry in a gothic length that sends out a gothic vibe. Be careful, the point of contact is not to attract the older women there, but rather to establish a connection and maybe build a relationship from there.

4. Compliment, compliment, compliment

The four essential ingredients for a successful cougar hunt are a self-confident, humorous, energetic, and energetic cougar. And it’s not just the cougar women that can appreciate them either, younger women (i.e prime Deal Breakers) as well. Be interesting, don’t gossip, don’t roll your eyes at the woman over the bar who is clearly more beautiful than you (at least when you’re not sitting right next to her). If you’re looking for a cougar woman, make sure that you value, respect and appreciate her as much as she values you and other young men.

5. Relax.

Is there a cougar problem that you need to address? Maybe you just need a little help to let that relax and to unwind. If you’ve caught the cougar, take some of that stress off of you and remind yourself that it’s all there for you to enjoy. Get one of those stress-relievers, or better yet, relax and take the pressure off of yourself. What could be more pleasant than a drink with your hot date, catching a glimpse of her soft, gorgeously turned back hair and wondering if she thinks you’re hot too?