Guy Friend

How to Tell a Guy Friend That You Like Him Without Scaring Him Away!

Best Tips You Must Read

Falling for a friend can prove to be very difficult. After all, is he someone you are already friends with; or is he just a friend you do not see in quite often? If you are scared that he might not feel the same way, you can try doing the following tips.

Smile with your best smile

No matter how simple or how long you have known each other, the first thing you should do is to give him a bright smile. Guys are usually attracted to girls who smile a lot. Even when you say nothing, your smile will let him feel that you think of him.

Use his name

When you talk to each other, you can use his name. It can be after an accidental brush of his hand when you are talking; or in the middle of a sentence, such as saying ‘I got awful gasps’. Give him the sweetest, most unbelievable smile, and he will remain yours for the rest of the night.

Flirt with him using your eyes

When you are in a group, make eye contact and hold his gaze. He will probably blush to the skin, but try to show the most composed look. You can then try starting a casual talk, and let his eyes do the talking. He will eventually give you the chance to flirt with him.

Use your phone

You can send him text messages or call him when no one is looking by using your phone. By doing this, not only will it give you the courage to tell him things you would otherwise hesitate to say, but he will also think it was for real.

‘Accidentally’ bump into him

diaper boy moments are the best conversations starters. When you and your friends are gathered in a vacation house, secretly bump into him at one of the dining places. He will be surprised that you have possibly never met him, and he will be very pleased to know that he doesn’t bore the person he loves to death.

Ask him to help you with homework or project

Ask him for help in coming up with a homework or assignment. Make it casual. Tell him you don’t know how else to do it. Ask him to walk your dog or bring your cat to the park so you can walk them together. Search for a way to relish his help. Throw your secrets on to his shoulders. And just when he thinks he has made the right impression, tell him you need him because your cat himself has cat allergies.

Too much too soon

Increase, or if need be, decrease the amount of time you spend with each other each week. There should be a harmony to the relationship that makes it balanced. If you overdo the giving, he will be in the right place to squawk, so seclude yourself from the office for a while. He can’t see what he’s going to miss.

Be there for him in a crisis

When your guy says he will call you at a certain time and you don’t receive the call, don’t take it seriously. If he really is interested, he would call you; you just have to wait. But, if time goes by and you still don’t hear from him, then don’t make the mistake of hanging on the phone waiting for him to call. Who knows, he might have just gotten too busy for the phone or his company’s phone system.

Tell him how you feel

One of the things that men find the most difficult is to share his feelings and have it translated. You have to somehow know when he is ready to do so. You have to gently ask him to share his deepest feelings with you. After all, he would be more than willing to share those feelings with you should he know that he is welcome to do so.