Older Woman

How to Fall in Love With an Older Woman?

Many men fall in love with older women and for reasons that may not be all that clear. One important thing to remember is that love is not about how you look or how much money you make, although it certainly helps. Love is about the person you are and what you commonalities really have.

Love is an emotion, and an emotion is not just about how you feel, but what you feel inside. Love is not about just wanting to date or get married, although you can have these desires, but it ultimately has to be about how you make each other feel. If your love is genuine and deep, you can have love in your life with a significant other no matter what your age is.

Older women are individuals, one is a lot more mature than a more immature younger woman. With maturity comes understanding, wisdom and surely, self-assurance. Maturity, also, comes with experience, life, work, friends and, should you function well as a co-worker or when you share your private life with the significant other. But, before you can love someone, you must be able to love yourself.

Love is not insecurity and if you are secure with who you are

Love is not insecurity and if you are secure with who you are, then you can share your growth, challenges, joys, as well as victories with that significant other, who is well-matched for you. We all progress, whether we are 20 or 80, and it is the creativity and unabashedness, even desperation, that defines us and helps us grow as individuals.

It is the individuals we are are attracted to that ignite our passion. Think about this for a moment, who you are attracted to? Did you know that you are always attracted to someone who is completely different from yourself? In many ways, that is who you feel a deep connection to. Think about this for a moment because it may just help put things in perspective for you. Is it possible that that is part of the reason why you are so intrigued by someone who goes in the opposite direction from you?

Older Woman

Our society is becoming a lot more materialistic and superficial.

It is the cultural side of things that differentiate us, as individuals, from the general population. Today, it seems like everything you read, read, watch and buy is the latest in “Today’s Man” fashion. Is it me or is it just the fact that there are more shows for people like Tom Cruise and reached a broader audience? Thoughts on that, let me know.

Personally, I refuse to fall prey to the “it’s what is inside that really counts” mindset. As different as we may be, we all have something inside of us that needs fulfillment. I believe that each of us can find that rare quality that makes us worthwhile and beautiful. I refuse to settle for a man who isn’t fully satisfied because I’m not the complete package for him.

When you are looking for a significant other, make sure that you appreciate yourself first and foremost.

┬áBe totally honest about what you want out of a relationship and put your needs out there because they will come back to you. I know that I have; my choices speak as an barnyard of loneliness. I refuse to settle for any man, but man who will love me. Any man who doesn’t love me… my relationship fails.