• Older Dating

    Older Dating – Trends in Dating Mature

    In the past, dating was for teenagers, college students and the widowed. Most people were married at a fairly young age and stayed married for a long time. However, today dating has no age standard and many people are dating while in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Dating mature people has become very popular due…

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  • Signs of Romantic Attraction

    Signs of Romantic Attraction

    Signs of romantic attraction are among the biggest questions of every man who wants to be successful with women. Simply put, if you’re not receiving positive signs of romantic attraction from a woman, then you should probably move on – she’s not attracted to you. What are these signs of romantic attraction? Well, let me…

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  • Looking For Love

    Looking For Love Through Singles Chat

    Dating sites are one of the most popular tools that men from all around the world use in hopes of finding a Russian wife. Be it a lonely American, a jaded European or even a homely Russian man, joining in the Russian singles chat scene can prove to be the solution to their lonely hearts…

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  • Sex talk

    Sex Talk: What Your Sex Partner Can Really Tell You

    Are you dating a man who doesn’t talk about sex and sex alone? Do you feel that your partner is more interested in getting you into bed than actually having sex? Do you hate to think that there’s something wrong with your relationship and you hope that with some advice, you can change that? You’re…

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  • Pickup

    The Approach and the Pickup

    In reality, the ‘approach’ is the hardest part of pickup, there is no doubt about that. Just trying to maneuver yourself around your system to tolerate the pulling, pushing and Shallowness all play tremendously large parts of the sociology-sexual ‘game‘ in which we are essentially playing. It is just an unfortunate fact that ‘approach’ is…

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  • How to Understand What a Woman Wants From You

    Have you ever suffered from an inability to understand what a woman wants? Did you eventually manage to figure it out?Perhaps you realized too late that you still didn’t have a clue. encountered a frog and you were having a difficult time trying to catch it?I believe that all men are at some point in…

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